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Grooming Reservations are open.

Many people have asked for my physical address and although I can provide it so that you can fed ex or UPS grooming space reservation items overnight there’s no guarantee that I will  receive items on-time. I live in a rural area and my property is fenced which means delivery services don’t have access to my house to deliver items at a prescribed time.  They leave notes on my front gate and attempt to deliver the next day. Sometimes I don’t get items for two or three days so it is best to send your grooming a reservation information to my PO Box which saves you money.  

Starting February 1st I will be picking up items from my post office every day and I’ve left instructions for my postmaster to stack things from the bottom up in my PO Box so I will know which ones come in first and which ones come in last on any given day. 

I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing everyone in Ontario this fall.

Cheers, Cindy 

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