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Saturday, October 26th
Entry Limited to 75 dogs

During the Best of Breed lunch break in the Conformation Ring at the Ontario Convention Center

Entries close September 18th.

Morris Animal Foundation, the Golden Retriever Club of America, and the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Volunteers announce the Parade of Heroes. This parade is ONLY for study-participating golden retrievers as an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the dogs enrolled in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. Please join us for a tribute to these courageous goldens, their loving families, and the dedicated volunteers supporting this study.

Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is a prospective, observational study that is following approximately 3000 golden retrievers, throughout their lifetimes, to identify the risk factors for cancer and other common diseases. For more information, please visit: "". Submit your entry with a brief (100 words or less), typewritten narrative about your hero golden and include one funny or quirky thing about your dog. A special committee will select a few stories to read during the parade. The committee reserves the right to edit submitted material.

You can download the form here.